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Scotty #290 R-5 Rod Holder

Scotty #290 R-5 Rod Holder


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All Scotty fishing accessories are designed with versatility and strength in mind, and this is no exception. The R5 Rod Holder was designed from the ground up to securely hold many different rod types. No matter if you are using a Spincaster, Spinning, Bait Caster, Level Wind, or a Fly Rod. You can rest assured your rod will be safe even when the big one strikes!

Equipped with adjustable tension, the .25" stainless steel bar locks down on your rig, and it pivots open for a quick and effortless release. The experts at Scotty engineered this boating accessory to stand up to punishing treatment and all kinds of outdoor conditions. They also included a 241 deck mount for easy install on any of our inflatable boats.


  • R5 Rod Holder designed to securely hold your Spincaster, Spinning, Bait Caster, Level Wind, or Fly Rods
  • Designed and built to withstand all conditions and backed by the Scotty name
  • 0.25 in stainless steel lock bar pivots open to allow for a quick and effortless release of your rod
  • Easily adjustable lock bar tension
  • Withstands the abuse of any outdoor condition
  • 241 Side deck mount
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