The Swellfish FS Jet Inflatable Boat has a unique (patent pending) jet tunnel design allowing it to operate in shallow water and can easily navigate rivers and streams.

Adventure, even further!

Our team dedicated four years to developing and testing the FS Jet, ensuring that it outperforms the competition. You can rely on our high standards, knowing that you have a boat capable of handling any adventure.

  • FS Jet 400

    This Jet boat is the lightest and most maneuverable in the series, making it ideal for any adventure, whether it's a solo fishing trip or a multi-day hunting trip with your friends. With a length of 13 feet, this boat is ready to tackle any river.

  • FS Jet 400 XL

    Introducing the FS Jet 400 XL, the first in our workhorse series. This model has an improved payload capacity and extra bulwark tubes, making it ideal for big water while still capable of traversing shallow waters.

  • FS Jet 500

    This boat is 3 feet longer and slightly wider than the FS Jet 400, measuring almost 16.5 feet. Despite the added space, this boat stands out from competitors with its impressive ability to handle rapids and shallow water.

  • FS Jet 500 XL

    Our FS Jet 500 XL is the largest and sturdiest jet boat we offer, ideal for navigating rivers. It can easily accommodate a significant amount of gear, or an epic moose from a your now favorite hunt. Although it may not be as nimble as the standard FS Jet 500, it can still safely traverse shallow rivers.