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Swellfish Outdoor Equipment Classic Boat

Safer than an aluminum boat and with a payload of a freighter

Swellfish in the Wild

Let's answer your Inflatable Boat questions!

If you have any questions that we have not yet answered, please reach out to us!

People buy inflatable boats for good reasons. They are versatile, portable, take up almost no space, and will do just about everything as well as their non-inflatable counterparts. In some cases, they even outperform other types of boats!

They are very portable and can be packed up, put in the back of a car, and once arrived, set up in short order! They are super safe because, depending on size, they have 3 or 5 air chambers. Those chambers make it virtually impossible to sink the boats and super stable; have you ever tried submerging a balloon? Even a medium-sized Classic 390 (12'10") can easily support three adults, all standing on the same side.

All of our boats are made from High-Quality German PVC Fabric. PVC is the acronym for Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC is the third most common plastic after polyethylene and polypropylene. PVC itself is used for everything from sewage pipe to house siding; from clothing to furniture; and even vinyl lettering to toys! PVC Fabric is lighter than other boat fabrics which makes them much more portable.

The base structure of the boat is 0.9 mm fabric that has reinforcement in any high wear areas. The Hull is made of 1.2 mm material for added durability. As well, all of our seams are Thermal Welded rather than glued. This process is more labor-intensive but fuses the seams together and will not de-laminate over time.

As with everything, the life expectancy of an inflatable boat depends on how well you take care of it and if you use it every day of the year. Our boats are made using German PVC Fabric as we found it to best suit our needs. With any rubber or plastic, Ultra-Violet light is the main enemy. The German PVC fabric we use today has additives and surface finishes to better protect them from damage caused by UV.

Even in rough and tough environmental conditions, these boats will last for years; but if you take care of them well, they can last for 10 years and even more! We say that if you're in Florida or the tropics, CSM/Hypalon fabrics are still your best bet! Most non-tropical customers won't notice any difference in life expectancy between the two types of fabrics.

Inflatable boats of this design are often used by the coastguard, search and rescue, military or even as a lifeboat on larger ships. The simple reason is it is hard to sink a balloon!

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