• The Swellfish Classic is our most versatile design, integrated with the highest quality materials to give you a boat designed to take on any adventure.

  • German PVC Material is stronger than any other material.

    German PVC Material

  • With our thermal welded seams you know the boat is built to last

    Thermal Welded Seams

  • Any high wearing area has added reinforcement and protection p

    Abrasion Reinforcements

  • We use up material that is up to 2 mm thick so you do not need to worry about the boat deflating.

    Up to 2mm material

Born A Classic

Developed From Innovation

The Pacific Northwest is widely regarded for its stunning waterways and some of the most treacherous and inspiring coastlines. These waterways, with their constantly changing conditions, drove the Classic's design.

The boat's hull is made from the same material as the rest of the boat, but with increased thickness and abrasion resistance. With this as our starting point, we added additional protection on any high wear or impact zones. With an attentive focus on every aspect of how the Classic was designed, you can beach your boat in even the toughest terrain. The Classic is at home in the ocean or the most pristine lake.

Tougher Than Tough

With the use of the highest quality PVC Material, thermally welded seams, ample reinforcement and protection on all high wear and impact areas, the Swellfish Classic line is tough enough to take on any extreme adventure.The bottom of the hull has a strategically placed rub strake and added material. This helps the boat avoid any punctures while it remains as light as possible.Inside the boat, extra material was added to any spots that see extra wear. This includes the seat and floor areas

Safety At Its Core

A Workhorse At Heart

When you compare a 14 foot Jon Boat with an average payload of 700lbs to our Classic 430 with a max payload of 2600lbs you can see why this boat is not only popular with the coast guard. Our boats are equipped with 3 to 5 air chambers depending on the size, and there is an over-inflation valve. In addition to inflatable boats having a much higher weight capacity, the design makes them far more stable than a Jon boat. No more shifting to balance the boat.

Made To Go Anywhere

When it comes to boats, many options can get you on the water. The advantages found in an inflatable boat are what drives our customers to the Classic line. Inflatable boat buoyancy comes from both the air chambers and the deep V-hull rather than just the hull displacing water. This is where safety and stability come from.

Explore Without Limitations

Only a boat that is over-engineered can prepare you for any adventure you might find yourself on. Compact and light enough to be flown in on a floatplane or helicopter, we genuinely believe that your gear should not limit your explorations or adventures. With this in mind, we have overbuilt our boats to give you a product that you can use for years and the ability to upgrade it to suit all of the adventures you are going on.

Setup in 3... 2... 1... GO!

How easy is it to set up the Classic Line of boats? Watch Clay of @Aquatic Monkey unpack the boat and set it up in less than 15 minutes!

What's In The Box

All Classics come with: 2 Aluminum Seats, 2 Collapsible Oars, Seat Bench Bag, Front Bow Storage Bag, Foot Inflation Pump, Emergency Repair Kit, Locking Floor Rails, Aluminum Floor With Storage Bag, Classic Boat with Storage Bag.

Above is the Classic 270. Larger sizes come with the same equipment but floor panel configuration changes. The larger size boats will add more floor panels.

Kitted Out To Perfection

Select one of our add-on combos and make the Classic truly yours!

A Swellfish Classic showing off the Angler Combo exploring on a lake in British Columbia

Freshwater Angler Combo

For fly fishing, spin casting, and trolling in most waters.

Shop Angler Kit
People fishing on a Classic Inflatable Boat featuring the Ocean Angler Combo accessory package

Ocean Angler Combo

Target deep waters and take on the high seas.

Launching Soon
With the inflatable boats being Canadian, we are able to fully customize the boats in house

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Make it yours!

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Find The Right Classic

5 Sizes For Any Adventure

  • The Classic 270 is perfect for 2 adults

    Classic 270

    We say max 4 people, but if you're fishing with 2 adults the 270 can be a little cozy. This is truly for those who need to pack light.

  • The Classic 350 can hold up to 7 people but we think its great to for two people

    Classic 350

    We know we say max 7 people, but realistically 2 adults with their fishing and camping gear will leave just a bit of room to lounge.

  • The Classic 390 Offers plenty of room and is the most popular size.

    Classic 390

    Perfect for a small family or you and your dog on a multi-night adventure through the Pacific North West

  • The Classic 430 features bigger tubes and more room

    Classic 430

    The same increased stability of the 470 but a little less room. 3 adults, cooler and crab traps still feels roomy

  • The biggest size of the classic line, the 470 is perfect if you need lots of room

    Classic 470

    The extra room means you can take 6 adults, the dog and all the gear you need for your hunting or fishing adventure in one trip

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