• It's compact and lightweight, fitting into a single bag while maintaining FS Classic Line performance.

  • German PVC Material is stronger than any other material.

    German PVC Material

  • With our thermal welded seams you know the boat is built to last

    Thermal Welded Seams

  • Any high wearing area has added reinforcement and protection p

    Abrasion Reinforcements

  • We use up material that is up to 2 mm thick so you do not need to worry about the boat deflating.

    Up to 2mm material

Developed for safety and engineered to be light

Escape the ordinary

Looking to travel light? Our FS Ultralight is the perfect solution. Designed for easy storage and quick deployment, it incorporates the knowledge we gained from creating our search and rescue boats. This craft is all about reducing weight while maintaining essential features such as durability, stability, and readiness for any adventure.

Here is how we did it

By using a drop stitch material in the hull and keels structure, we are able to maintain a V hull design and create a stable surface for standing, similar to boats with an aluminum floor. The drop stitch is used for both the hull shape and the floor, so the structure retains a performance similar to rigid inflatable boats, while also allowing the boat to be conveniently packed up and stored in a single bag.

Size matters

We all know that sometimes we need to pack light to reach those small backcountry alpine lakes in search of the perfect trophy trout. Other times, space is limited and there is no room for a truck and trailer. The FS Ultralight is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing performance, even when space is limited.

Light but mighty

The FS Ultralight is one of our top-quality boats, boasting thermal-welded seams, added wear resistance, and made of the highest grade materials. It also features a high-grade aluminum transom for added durability. The three-piece drop-in drop stitch hull maintains the V-hull design, which improves its performance on the water while reducing the overall weight of traditional aluminum floors. We have also taken the time to reduce weight and optimize the design, making the FS Ultralight the perfect solo craft for any adventure that requires portability.

3... 2... 1... Go

The FS Ultralight's innovative Drop-In Hull allows you to roll up the boat easily by deflating the hull and boat. No need to remove the floor or hull system.

All FS Ultralight's come with: 1 Aluminum Seat, Drop-In Drop Stich V Hull, 2 Collapsible Oars, Seat Bench Bag, Foot Inflation Pump, Emergency Repair Kit, FS Ultralight Boat with Storage Bag.