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FS Ultralight Inflatable Boat

FS Ultralight Inflatable Boat

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The FS Ultralight Inflatable Boat is an ideal companion for individuals going on solo trips or those who prioritize lightweight design and durability. The boat has been designed for easy storage and quick deployment, drawing from our extensive experience in creating search and rescue boats. The focus is on reducing weight while maintaining essential features such as durability, stability, and readiness for any adventure. With this inflatable boat, nothing should hold you back from exploring. The FS Ultralight offers the versatility of our Classic line, all-in-one stow-and-go design, and ruggedness, making it our lightest boat yet, still providing stability and durability of our original design.
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The Packraft of Boats

Total weight starting at only 71 Lbs / 32kg

The FS Ultralight gives you a rugged boat designed for adventurers that are looking for the same versatility of our Classic line but in an all in one stow and go design. The lightest boat we have created yet with the stability and ruggedness of our original design.

Take a Closer Look

  • Uncompromised Performance

    The difference in our products has always been the over-engineered design. You should be able to have half a lifetime of adventures with the product, and the FS Ultralight is no different. We use the same German PVC, Thermal and ultrasonic welding you see across all of our boat lines.

  • Stow And Go

    The key features of the FS Ultralight are Light and Compact. We achieved this by designing a drop stitch floor hull that, when inflated, creates a V Hull itself. In addition, from the hull up, we saved weight anywhere possible while maintaining the ruggedness our boats are known for.

  • Built To Last

    Learning from the design of both the FS Classic and FS Jet, we knew that you would settle for nothing less than the most durable of designs. We used the same high-grade material, added wear protection and quality craftsmanship we are known for.

  • Perfect Solo Companion

    Looking to answer the needs of Overlanders, folks with limited space and those who want to pack light, we wanted to create a watercraft that was fast and easy to deploy by one person but still offered the critical characteristics of stability and performance you have known and loved about the FS Classic line. The unique lightweight design with integrated v-hull makes this a dream boat for anyone wanting to pack light and not compromise.

Customer Reviews

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Danny H. (Penticton, CA)
Amazing portable boat!

I love my Ultralight 310! It sets up and tears down easy with the automatic pump. Takes up about half of my 5' truck box with room left for other gear. It's super stable when standing up to cast when fishing. The inside floor is not totally flat with how the air chambers are done, but it is really firm and you figure out where to step when fly fishing pretty quickly.

The 310 is a good size for me, a fairly large boat bag, and a child. Two adults could use it, but you'd probably want to minimize the gear you brought. When solo, there's lots of room.

I can set it up and lift it back into the truck by myself as a man in his later 30's.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Danny! We are really glad you're happy with your purchase.

The Swellfish team!