How to set up your Swellfish Classic Boat

Step 1

Start at the bow of the boat working backward alternating the chambers on each side of the boat as you go. Stopping as the wrinkles in the boat fabric start to disappear.

Step 2

Starting at the aft chambers, fully inflate them to the proper pressure of 3.6 psi (25 kpa). Alternate sides and work your way to the bow of the boat.

Pro-Tip #1: The last chamber to inflate fully is always the one with the over-inflation valve.
Pro-Tip #2:When topping off your boat's air pressure, always start at the bow chamber (with the inflation valve)
Safety Tip:This procedure ensures that any over inflation that may occur, can be released through the bow.

Step 3

At the front of the boat, in the center of the black bow board, there is a hole with the keel valve in it. Your last step is to inflate your keel chamber to 3.6 psi (25 kpa).