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Tohatsu 25hp Short Shaft

Tohatsu 25hp Short Shaft


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Newly designed and optimized, this is the next generation of 4-stroke mid-power engines! Tohatsu’s MFS 25D is the lightest 3-cylinder 4-stroke 25-horsepower engine on the market. With a weight reduction of about 20% from the previous version, they have achieved the best displacement-to-weight ratio in their class.

Unique to both the MFS25D and MFS30D models, Tohatsu has redesigned the tiller handle to include a stop switch, a four-step trolling speed control system from 750 to 1050 RPM, forward - neutral - reverse shifter, throttle friction adjustment, and an electric start button on certain models. Tohatsu's multi-function tiller handle is also available for multiple model options. The multi-function tiller handle is equipped with a 3-position height adjustment with an optional accessory to provide an additional 4-position height adjustment. Both standard and multi-function tiller handles have a trolling speed control feature. Remote control models are also available.

The MFS25/30D models are designed for a wide variety of boat types such as inflatables, aluminum, fiberglass, and even pontoon boats. Available in both Tohatsu Aqua Marine Blue and Beluga White, multiple shaft lengths, and tiller or remote options.

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