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Our 2022 redesign is almost ready to ship! Reserve your inflatable boat and pick your options today!

Shipping is scheduled to start middle of Summer 2021.

How big do you want it? Select your boat size!
  • The most compact size we offer in the Classic Line
  • Weighing in at only 118 lbs
  • Perfect as a "Pack and Go" for that Heli-Fishing trip you have always wanted to do

Max People 4   |   Max Load 517lbs   |   Max Motor 10hp

We say 4 people, but honestly, maybe 2 if you're fishing and don't mind being a little cozy!

Just the essentials or enhance your boat with a package?
The top essential boat features:
  • Seat and bow bags give plenty of storage
  • Feel safe on the water with an Aluminum transom, multiple chambers, bow anchor lock, life line and oar locks
  • Aluminum floors and aluminum seats gives you stability and comfort
Included with your Pre-Order you will get

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Here are some FAQ's

What has Changed with the Classic Inflatable Boat?
We have made some improvements that we are excited about. We are now using aluminum transoms rather than a marine board. We have improved the overall shape to improve stability and control while on plane. We have also made our boats ready for all of our new accessories.
When will my order ship?
Our 2022 refresh has proven to be extremely popular! Everyone here at Swellfish is working very hard to build and prepare all of the orders. Current pre-orders that come in today will start shipping summer 2021. We will be updating our customers as we get closer to when their order will ship. As slots fill up, shipping will be pushed back further. Just remember, great things come to those who wait.
What is the warranty for the boats?
We are very proud to offer the most straightforward and in-depth warranty in the industry. Simply put, all Classics come with a 5-year all-inclusive warranty. As long as it is a manufacturing defect on any part of the boat, it is covered. What do we not cover? Intentional damage, misuse of the boat and damage due to neglect.
What are your boats made from?
All of our boats are made from High-Quality German PVC Fabric. The base structure of the boat is 0.9 mm fabric that has reinforcement in any high wear areas. The Hull is made of 1.2 mm material for added durability. As well, all of our seams are Thermal Welded rather then glued. This process is more labor intensive but fuses the seams together and will not de laminate over time.
How safe are inflatable boats?
Inflatable boats of this design are often used by the coastguard, search and rescue, military or even as a lifeboat on larger ships. The simple reason is it is hard to sink a balloon!