Bravo BPT Air Pump

The most sought after accessory for an inflatable boat! Our boats do come with a foot pump and with it you can fully assemble the boats in around 30 minutes - but with an electric pump, you can get that down to 15 minutes! Just set the pressure, turn on the pump, and let the pump do the rest! Once it reaches the desired PSI it will automatically shut itself off.

The BTP 12 is a two-stage pump where the first stage is a high-volume, low-pressure stage delivering 450 L / Minute. At about 1-2 PSI the second stage kicks in and is a low-volume, high-pressure stage delivering 150 L / Minute. This makes it suitable for larger craft as it will pump quicker than other pumps.

The dial also has a pressure gauge so you can see exactly what pressure your boat is at. The hose is 1.7 m long and the power leads 3 m long. There is also an air filter in the unit. This pump comes in a very handy carry bag that houses the leads and hose + adaptors.


  • Analog and Digital version available
  • Generates up to 14 PSI
  • Connects to any 12-volt battery
  • (Analog-only) Analog manometer dial pressure selector
  • Inflates and deflates
  • (Stage 1) Low-pressure/high volume turbine blower (450 l/min)
  • (Stage 2) High-pressure piston for higher PSI kicks in at about 1-2 PSI (160 l/min)
  • Automatic 2-stage operation
  • Stops automatically when selected pressure is reached (the auto stop is for inflating only pump does not stop automatically when deflating)
  • Air filter to protect unit (requires occasional cleaning)
  • On/Off switch
  • Includes: Carry bag, common valve adapters, 9-foot (2.7-meter) power cord, and 6-foot (1.8-meter) inflation hose
  • The power cord includes alligator clips to connect to a battery and a cigarette lighter plug for your car.
  • Can be fitted with an optional Ni/Mh battery kit for cordless use


  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Maximum output: 450 liter/minute
  • Current draw: 20 Amps
  • Maximum pressure: 14.5 psi / 1 bar
  • Maximum continuous run time: 20 Minutes
  • Dimensions: 290x100x150mm

Recommended for:

  • Rigid and Foldable Inflatable boats up to 32 feet (10 meters)
  • Inflatable Kayaks
  • Dinghies (all sizes)
  • Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP)
  • Inflatable toys and towable's
  • Air mattresses