About us

We are a company of people who love being in nature.

Created from a tiny idea that then grew, Swellfish is now proud to offer an ever growing selection of outdoor equipment fit for our fellow Urbanites!



A Little History

With the idea of designing an inflatable boat that is safe, compact and portable we began our research into what makes a great boat great! We discovered that not everyone has the same needs for a boat so we started with the idea to build a simple boat that was versatile. Whether your a lake angler, an ocean fishermen, or just someone who likes to go crabbing. Our inflatable boats are a perfect fit for you.


Our Small Part

With each sale Swellfish Outdoor Equipment Co. makes donations to support conservation efforts nationwide to help protect streams, clean up beaches, restore local habitats and more.... Our biggest focus is the release of fish through salmon stream incubation. Through responsible business practices across the company, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint.