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Classic Inflatable Boat

Swellfish Outdoor Equipment Co.

Our 2022 Classic Inflatable Boat redesign is here!

How big do you want it? Select your boat size!
Highlights of the Classic 430:
  • When you unpack and gear up, this boat turns heads
  • Both the 430 and 470 feature a larger tube diameter
  • Increased stability from the tube diameter and slightly wider design
  • A little less portable, most customers use a trailer

Max People 10   |   Max Load 2686lbs   |   Max Motor 45hp

If you loaded up your boat with Crab traps, cooler and gear, we would say 3 adults is good. If you are fishing 4 adults and a small dog is not a problem.

Just the essentials or enhance your boat with a package?
The Angler Plus includes; The Angler, and...
  • Another Scotty Glue-on Mounting Pad
  • 2x Fly Rod Holders
  • Fishfinder Mount
  • Transducer Mount
  • Transom Mounted Anchor System

Take a closer look at a Classic

Let us answer some common questions about this boat!

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about our products. Here are some FAQ's but if you still have questions, click the Chat with Us button at the bottom of the page.

We are very proud to offer the most straightforward and in-depth warranty in the industry. Simply put, all Classics come with a 4-year all-inclusive warranty. As long as it is a manufacturing defect on any part of the boat, it is covered. What do we not cover? Intentional damage, misuse of the boat and damage due to neglect.

We have made some improvements that we are excited about. We are now using aluminum transoms rather than a marine board. We have improved the overall shape to improve stability and control while on plane. We have also made our boats ready for all of our new accessories.

Check out our Setup Instructions for more information!

We have a Discover A Classic page just for you! It has even more information on our boats.

We are glad that you are considering our boats and still have questions. If you don't find all the information you are looking for on the website, please reach out to us! We are always glad to help. You can call us at 604-484-4800 or email us at We also have a chat function on our website.